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Director's Message

Oculus Danceworks welcomes dancers of all ages and skill levels!

I established the Oculus Danceworks approach as an alternative to dance classes that merely seek to have students imitate the instructor's movement. After becoming frustrated by the many "see-and-copy" dance classes that are available, I began to ask these questions: Is a student really learning an art form if he/she is only capable of mimicking a teacher? What is lost if students are not encouraged to make unique choices reflecting their point of view? Shouldn't art-making be happening in dance classrooms?

I believe that students deserve much more than mimicry, so Oculus Danceworks was created. My two-fold approach to dance study reflects this aim: I offer an opportunity to gain solid dance skills and to explore personal movement choices.

Students in Oculus Danceworks programs are given the technical tools of dance traditions and are then challenged to apply what they have learned in innovative, powerful ways. This combination not only promotes dance proficiency, but it allows the unique artistry of every dancer to unfold. Oculus students become technically proficient and utilize dance as a creative outlet—a benefit so important in today's world.

Come and celebrate your innate movement ability in a supportive environment. Join Oculus Danceworks and see the dance within...



"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."

W. B. Yeats

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